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LENGHT:210cm WIDTH:170cm HEIGHT:20cm

The tree is an ancient and mystical archetype. One of its symbolic meanings is the relation between heaven and earth as well as between reality and dreams

This piece is a representation of a memory. We aimed to recreate what nature gives us. After all, the forest is like a comfortable, soft, bed, the tree, a magnificent roof

and the moon, a gigantic abatjour

The tree is adjustable, allowing for a transformed appearance using the entire structure. Likewise, the position of the lamp can also be adjusted

bedside tables are plates made of COR-TEN attached to the bed frame

They can be positioned at any end of the bed frame, or simply removed.

Thanks to Yael Pincus for the handmade felt blanket | Yael Pincus Israel | contact: slowlab.firenze@gmail.com